Monday, February 8, 2010

Exceeding Windows Remote Desktop Limit

While making a Remote desktop connection, the maximum number of allowed connections is 2. And when this limit is reached, you see an error message of the sort:

When you close the remote desktop window using the 'x' sign in the top right corner, you DISCONNECT from the windows session. However windows keeps your session alive in its memory. So that when you try to relogin it assigns the active session in its memory to you. Closing the window using the 'x' button doesnot make you logoff. Your session remains active, only that your state is 'DISCONNECTED'. So sometimes when the number of sessions is 2, even though they are disconnected, still windows shows you this message. You can use a third reserved connection to remotely login into windows:

type this command in your command prompt:

start mstsc -v:xx.xx.xx.xx /f -console

and this will open the third connection. You can use this connection to kill the other disconnected sessions through taskmanager. xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP of the windows machine.

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