Research Papers

List of good research papers.

This is a list of some of the research papers I liked. You learn a lot of stuff by reading them.

Performance and scalability

1. Facebook software architecture

2. What everyone should know about memory 


1. Analyzing Forged SSL Certificates in the Wild
A very good writeup to understand SSL in general and the occurrence of MiTM attacks over the internet.

2. Analysis of the Linux Random Number Generator
An extremely well written paper to understand Linux entropy generation mechanism. If you are a beginner it might take you 4 or 5 readings to comprehend properly, but I can assure you the effort is worth the reward. You will be able to understand any other entropy related article/discussion. There have been updates to this paper, but I can recommend reading the original one first.


1. SQL Injection
Paper by Bernardo Damele, author of sqlmap.

2. Memory Forensics

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