Blog widgets

Adding widgets to your blogger.
Adding social media widgets to your blog.
Adding code highlighter to your blog.
Adding stat counter to your blog.

Thanks to these links and their authors, they made my life simpler. If you liked the layout of the pages, here are the links from where I learned them. And you may have to do some basic editing for the layout etc. The widgets I have used are here:

Code highlighting

(There is one problem everyone faces, and that is you wont be able to see the changes in a preview. You must publish the blog to see the code highlighting, I read this on stackoverflow):

Facebook and social media like/share widgets

You need to add these in the page widget part in blog layout. Also, important tip is that if you want the current URL to be shared by the like/share button automatically, rather than a hard coded URL in data-href field, leave the data-href field. It defaults to the current URL.:



You can take a look at the following code (HTML/javascript) for what the alignment looks like. You will have to generate the linkedin/twitter widgets for your own url. You need to paste that code in the page widget (HTML/Javascript) part in blog layout.

Adding tabs in blogger

Blockquote styling

Removing Navigation bar from blogger

Stat counter

Create a free account. Very useful for analysis.

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  1. i cant find my facebook like button on my blogger site but can see it on mobile site and its not just 1 but 2 what do i do to remove this.pls help