Performance and Scalability Resources

This page is about performance and scalability related items and readings.
I love performance and scalability, but I usually lose the track when I am busy with security.

I am trying to collect here some excellent readings and resources collected from various sources.

Facebook software architecture
Contains a wide analysis and links to a number of papers

5 books for learning scalability

What everyone should know about memory

Architecture Patterns Resources

If you want to just browse and get familiar with scalable architectures and layouts, Amazon's AWS guides can be pretty helpful. Even though it is a little AWS specific, but still would give you a good idea on how scalable architectures for solving different problems can work. For e.g. Checkout the Web application and Log analysis ones.

Popular deployment patterns

Pros and Cons of Architectural patterns

Design Patterns Resources

Read Gang Of Four

Gang Of Four Design implementation examples in JDK

Tutorialpoint patterns refresh

Cloud Security

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